Thursday, March 02, 2006


Fucks sake. I’m sick with a cold.

For the last week I could feel myself becoming sick, but I tried to ward it off by OD’ing on vitamin C, drinking lots of fluids and attempting to rest. Well, yesterday was the day that my body decided to give in. I’m sneezing, I’ve got a sore throat, I feel horrid and the worst part of it all? my nose is runny.

I hate, hate, having a runny nose. I hate runny noses as much as I hate the sound it makes when it’s being blown. Horrid, horrid sound. It disgusts me even to hear other people blow their nose. I have no idea what it is about it that I dislike so much.

I can’t blow my nose like a “normal” person. Because I have three piercings in my nose, all that jewelry gets in the way of a comfortable blow (as if there really is a comfortable blow). So instead I do the Dab-But-Try-Not-To-Pick. I dab my nose, but dab enough so that I get rid of that nasty snot while making sure it doesn’t look like I pick my nose.

Too much detail, I know.

So now my nose is bright red, stinging and sore. I’m deep down in the dumps and I’m going to bring everyone down with me (like I was going to suffer alone!).

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