Monday, February 27, 2006

Bullshitting My Way Through

What the hell. First it snowed, then the weather turned all chinook-like, now it’s sunny and raining? Where am I? Did I just step into some fucked up time warp? Anyway, on to the real reason I’m here.

Work. Yes, I’m going to rant about work.

At Job #1, we are going to begin using a new booking system. Last week a group of us received training so that once we’re forced to leave our comfort zone of what we’re currently using, we won’t be shocked. Well I, unfortunately, was not able to attend the full sessions of training. First I had to go back to the office early because budgets *gag* had to be done at the end of business day. Then I had to miss the session where we actually got to book past/future/active events because I had to do a last minute contract that was brought to me.

Today we had a group of four people come in to do data entry into the new system. The go-to lady, who is very familiar with the system, was in the training room helping these folks out in case they had any questions. Just before lunch I was informed that she had to return to the office so they would need someone to head over to the training room and watch over/help the four people. Who’d they pick? ME.

HAH! I say, HAH! What the hell did I know about this damn system?! Not a lot!

So after lunch I head over there and ohmygod was it terrible. Bring in the court jester to entertain the village idiots! The questions. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THE QUESTIONS. I had no answer to the majority of the questions they had because, well, I didn’t get the training I needed! Guaranteed they think I’m stupid. And we won’t even get into the lady who needs the entire world catering her every need like, “Um, do you have a better chair here? Or a better desk? Cause like, this setup isn’t very good for doing work like this.”

I DON’T GIVE A GODDAMN FLYING-FUCK. It’s all we got lady! Which might I add, the desk and chair were perfectly fine.

So as they finished up their work and started to leave, they’re all like, “Okay, bye! See you tomorrow!” And I’m all like (thinking to myself), “Not in this lifetime!”

And that’s when I get the phone call.

“Hi AJ? Yeah, tomorrow we’ll need you back there in the afternoon to help them enter more profiles that we’ll be printing off tomorrow morning.”

I don’t know how much more I can bullshit my way through this.



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