Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Over the last few years, I've managed to create and tend to quite a few online journals. I refuse to link back to any of them for the reason that I'd like to begin anew.

After months of deliberation, I finally decided that I’d like to give the whole “writing for the fun of it” another try. To be perfectly honest, I was ever so slightly inspired to write again thanks to the many blogs that I’ve been lurking. They have all been filled with extreme excitement and adventure that it made me miss being able to type out my thoughts of the day.

I’m not quite too sure what to expect out of this blog, but I’m almost certain that it’ll be filled with my memories from past years, current and daily musings, and my trademark ranting and raving of pointless crap.

Now, this is where I begin with the useless generics.

I am 23 years old, turning 24 this year.

I live with my boyfriend J, in an apartment downtown, in Calgary.

I’ve been working two jobs for almost two years. Job #1 consists of me wearing business professional clothes, removing some piercings and putting retainers in others. Job #2 consists of me supervising, cake decorating and only hiding one of my piercings. Prior to that I was in college and worked Job #2 on the weekends. I kid you not when I say, since the last four years, I don’t remember what it was like to have weekends off.

Aside from working a lot, which obviously reads for a boring life, I’ve managed to keep up with the shenanigans I somehow get myself into.

Let the excitement begin.



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