Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tag Team Back Again

We, in this area, have been fortunate this winter; plenty of chinooks and plenty of sun. Last night though, Jack Frost decided to tag team Old Man Winter and creep up on us. Yes, we are living the epitome of cold, freezing Canada.

You see, there’s the kind of winter where you’re cold but just cold enough to give your skin those lovely goose bumps. Then there’s the kind of cold where you’re thinking to yourself, gee, my nipples are rock solid! I bet they could cut glass! But then… there’s the kind of winter that – brace yourself – you step outside and suddenly someone’s got a hold of your throat, squeeeezing tight and OHMYFUCKINGGOD THERE ARE SHARP NEEDLES DRAGGING ACROSS THE FIRST SIX LAYERS OF MY SKIN AND I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE KILL ME NOW.

I do not jest.

Where’s that goddamn weather website…

Oh gasp, I think I’m going to pass out. With wind chill… tonight… minus 38.


You must excuse me. It’s time to eat everything I can find, fatten myself up and hibernate with the bears.



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