Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lucky Panties

Houston, we have a SERIOUS problem.

***Please note that I am sincerely sorry for all the hockey talk, but OH MY GOD, I should just have “Hockey is Life” tattooed on my forehead***

Tonight is game 6 between the Oilers and the Sharks. My gut is churning from all the insane thoughts and worries that I’m experiencing.

First off, the game is in Edmonton and I am hoping that my fellow Edmontonians do not act as STUPID as the San Jose-ers… or whatever they’d be called… during game 5. Yeah, you know what I’m referring to.

Secondly, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HIGHER GODS OF ALL THAT IS GOOD PLEASE LET THE OILERS WIN THIS!!! and every single following game until they win the cup…. Really now, I’m not asking for much.

Thirdly, since the second round of playoffs and within the last couple weeks, I have done laundry so often that it’s to the point that my laundry loads are becoming increasingly smaller. Why you ask? Two words: Lucky Panties. Yes, that’s correct, Lucky Panties. Sometime over a year ago I went out shopping and found an extremely HOT pair of panties/Brazilian-cut/g-string/goth-corset styled type panties (what the fuck? I know; it doesn’t make sense). Well, every time I wear them I get lucky! Lucky as in, err, lucky? Good luck basically comes my way when I wear them. So for the last few Oiler games I have been wearing them and declaring, “Yes! I AM wearing the Lucky Panties! C’mon Lucky Panties, don’t fail me now!” And surprisingly enough they haven’t yet. BUT, I’m worried about tonight in fear that what if today is the day that the luck in my Lucky Panties runs out? WHAT IF?! Then what?! I may very well have to toss out ‘dem Panties. And if the Oilers lose tonight then ohmygod will I even survive till Friday for game 7? The game that decides the fate of it all?! UGH.

Lastly, my gut is churning because tonight I’m going to attempt to bring something up to a certain someone. Just the thought of it makes me go into an anxious freak attack – hmm sorta like now where I feel my insides are going to explode, that I’m going to pass out, that my throat is closing in on me and OH MY GOD I CANNOT BREATHE – I need a brisk walk.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the luck in my Panties has not run out and that all will go well tonight… and hopefully something good will come out of the conversation I hope to have, as long as I don’t chicken out again…

P.S. This here, Lucky Panties post, is post number 50. It’s an even number… half way to 100… should I be concerned with this? Would this be considered “lucky” or am I just doomed for the rest of the evening? OR maybe I’m looking into this too much? OR maybe I have completely lost my mind and need to be kicked really hard to knock some sense into me? I have a feeling it’s the latter.



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