Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pathetic Love – Chad – Part 4

And again, here is Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

After Jason had ended the relationship I had a fairly negative outlook on that thing you call love, but I wasn’t about ready to give up on it.

A couple of weeks later I had met a guy named Chad. He was incredibly fun to be around and he definitely brought out the fun, adventurous side of me that I never knew I had. He then had asked me out and I went for it.

We had so much fun together, from almost getting run over by a guy in a wheelchair to finding billboard signs and stealing letters from them. We were very happy together.

Shortly after we started dating he got accepted to a school in another city. I was fairly upset with this because I didn’t know what to do in a long distance relationship. So when the time came for him to go we promised each other that we would always call, correspond through MSN messenger and make trips to visit each other.

This was working out well but his stay over in the other city wasn’t very long. He ended back in Calgary and continued to try to get into a school here.

Then on New Year’s Eve, something happened that to this day I still don’t know what it is. Things were different between us and we weren’t as happy as we once were.

As time went on, things were becoming more difficult.

Then it went from good, to difficult, to worse. I had found out that he had been cheating on me since day one. Literally. Pretty sad, I know. I must have cried for days and weeks. At that point I didn’t know what to think or do. In fact, just writing this out brings back horrid memories of a time that I would rather forget.

I was in love again and betrayed again.

We had tried for a few months to make things work: trying to talk things out ourselves and even seeing a relationship counselor. For some reason, he couldn’t stop lying to me… it didn’t matter what the lie was – it would start off small and then he managed to turn it into something so huge that you couldn’t even believe what he was saying.

Things ended badly between us and I was left confused, angry and sad – again.

Sometime during the last couple of weeks that Chad and I were together I received an email from Jason #2 (aka J). Shocking I know!! You’re all probably choking as you’re reading this. I figured, what’s the harm in meeting up with him? There were no hidden agenda’s… it was just to meet up for the first time in a year and six months and see how each other was doing.

…Yeah… I totally went for it… We met up and that meeting will lead up to the final episode of Pathetic Love Part 5 – The Return of Jason #2 (aka J).



Blogger NMZ said...

i have never seen anyone with "Crome Yellow" as a favorite book. I am a huge Huxley fan. Just thought i would make that comment.

12:00 p.m.  
Blogger AJ said...

nmz - I too am a huge fan of Huxley. I'm actually surprised to to find a comment regarding this because I haven't known of anyone who has either read his work or know of him. It's good to know!

1:21 p.m.  

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