Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gifts and Bags of Surprises

Oh, gasp. What’s the date?! Crap, I almost forgot to breathe. Two of my best friends’ birthdays are coming up reaaaaally soon. There is Derek’s birthday on the 13th of April and Jamie’s on the 20th. So far, I have zero ideas of what to get Derek and I need to come up with something fast. Pronto. Immediately. NOW. Last year I had no problem finding him something. Seeing as how he is addicted to The Simpson’s, I got him a Simpson’s shot glass set.

(yikes. The more I say/write Simpson’s, the stranger it sounds/looks.)

Now, for Jamie’s birthday present, that ought to be a piece of cake. He and I have already discussed ideas of what I could get him. Currently, I’m leaning towards my idea of crapping in a paper bag, putting air fresheners in the bag (to, you know, cover the smell of roses) and then handing the present to him. In all honesty, I believe he body checked me onto the floor and said something along the lines of, “fuck you hippy.”

Yes, I know, we are seriously weird that way.

With Derek’s birthday coming up within the next couple of days, I was looking through some photos I took last year during his big night out.

Derek, he's all, "Yeah, look at me, still rockin' it out. Bring me the beer."

Jarret and Derek

After a good night of great beer drinking, we all managed to walk out without vomitting all over. Let's hope that we can do the same this year.

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