Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Expensive Footwear Venture

I’m excited. I have few ideas of what I’d like for my next Expensive Footwear Venture.

Because I’m such a cheap bastard, I limit my splurging -anywhere from approximately $100-$500- to no more than twice a year (give or take). Otherwise, you will not catch me in a store “for the hell of it.” I will not spend over $10 for a tank-top; no more than $20 for a t-shirt; and absolutely no more than $40 for pants, and even that is a lot of money for me. And yes! It is possible to find awesome clothes at those prices. Someone has got to tell my sister that $100 for a sweater is so not cool.

The last Expensive Footwear Venture brought me boots, so this time around I’m thinking of going with something different. Right now the race is between: the vinyl with the black lace (I heart vinyl); the same version with no vinyl but with red lace (love the red lace); another vinyl design (so damn cute); a vinyl design with hearts (I heart the hearts but I can picture myself falling in stilettos); these flats which I know they have at the store but aren’t pictured (I love the pink bow); and…. Oh fuck it. Who am I kidding. I want them all and SO.MUCH.MORE.

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