Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"And Your Total Comes To..."

So, like, hi. Apologies in advance, but I’m SO not in the mood.

Yesterday I went on the torturous hunt to find new eyeglasses. Well I found a pair after about an hour of searching and during that time I seriously must have drove my dad insane.

Me: Dad, what do you think? Silver or black?
Pops: *blank stare*
Me: Do these look funny on me?
Pops: *blank stare*
Me: I hate the sides on these… they look funny.
Pops: *blank stare*
Pops: OH! How about these?
Pops: *picks up the most horrid puke green glasses known to man, knowing damn well I HATE the colour green on me*
Me: *blank stare of death*

I finally picked out a pair I liked and went to do the whole prescription-adjusting thing. Once that was done the lady totalled up the final price. Now, before I went looking for eyeglasses, I had an idea how much it was going to cost me – about an arm and a leg. Well, I was off… WAAAAAY off. Let’s put it this way… these sacks of shit I’m wearing cost me not only an arm and a leg, but ALSO my other arm, other leg, every strand of hair on my head, my fingers and toes (yes, including the little piggy’s) and my large intestine right down to the bowls.

I thought I was going to cry.

At that moment, I knew my life would not be the same for the next while.

Good-bye piercings and tattoos! Good-bye fancy, expensive dinners! Good-bye pretty skirts and shorts!

/me cries.

I asked J to guess the total. He estimated it was approximately $250 CAD. I told him to try guessing a FEW hundred dollars above that.

Honestly? This pains me.



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