Monday, March 20, 2006

Better Days Ahead

I have always been a tad anti-social. Sometimes I prefer to keep to myself and enjoy the company of friends that I’ve had for years. I enjoy being able to sit back and observe rather than get in conversations and sometimes get lost in them. I’m very content with this. I also enjoy the rush of things. Once I get going there is no stopping me. I dislike slow movement except for when I feel like lounging. Being with J has benefited my fast pace of walking. Seeing as how he is 6’11”, I’ve been able to learn to keep up with his long strides. I cannot stand being squashed among people. Taking the city transportation is a nightmare. I can be found hidden in a corner of the city train going to work and heading home. Back there I am always finding myself having simple conversations in my head of all the things that are going on around me.

How dreadful. Here are three guys, probably in their late 20s, talking about some hockey video game. This one guy, who is missing a few front teeth, is so into this game that his excitement just radiates when he is explaining how awesome this game is to his friends. One friend looks like the cartilage in his ear is thinning. Its white, literally, patches of it around the rim of his ear. This other guy doesn’t seem to be paying much attention; he’s too busy texting on his cell phone.

Then there’s the token drunk guy. The kind you see riding the train to stay out of the cold and all they do is ride the train, back and forth, until they are busted by city police.

The faces on some of these people riding the train are terrible. They look worn out as if they hadn’t slept in days or showered in weeks.

Good God, what is that smell? Winter is always the worst. It’s an indescribable stench that fills the entire cart. It is by far worse than the sweat that drips off the bodies during summer. And when newcomers hop on the train, cold air emits off them and sinks right in your bones.

What the fuck is going on now? The train has stopped and has been standing still for at least a few minutes. It’s like that Seinfeld episode where Elaine is headed to a wedding and she’s trapped on a train that will not move. The thoughts that go through her head are just like mine.

“Who the hell just touched me? Oh God. I can’t breathe in here. What’ IS that smell?? GET ME OUT.”

If Hell is anything like this, I certainly hope that I’ve been good enough to surpass my way to something better to avoid going through this everyday.

While I wait for my favourite season (summer), I will continue to hope for warmer days when I can go skateboarding in the park to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the wretched public transportation (aka The Unwashed Public). Until then, I’ll keep dreaming while riding my board around my apartment carpet.

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Blogger Nick said...

There are pros to being an introvert... I just can't remember what they are.

I'm the same way, prefer to be alone or in very small groups, usually thinking rather than talking, etc...

Ah, I think if anything, introverts make better bloggers :)

7:25 a.m.  
Blogger AJ said...

"...introverts make better bloggers." Yes! because with all the sitting back and observing, introverts are able to write up more interesting posts.

2:08 p.m.  

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