Thursday, March 16, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Issues, folks, I am having issues.

Sleep? It’s nearly non-existent. Yeah, hi? I’m just the girl in the back of the training class who’s dozing off because she can’t keep her eyes open.

Absent-minded? Yes! Forget your work shoes at home because, you know, it’s cool wearing business attire and then wearing your fucking muddy DC’s around the office.

Procrastinator? Of course! Because it’s okay to wait six months to submit a health care claim at the last minute. Literally.

Chicken shit? Naturally, that’s me! I’ll just keep putting off the phone call to my dad because I’ve been too lazy to check up on that website he has been asking me about so that I can put my two cents in.

Lazy? Hahaha. You folks obviously haven’t seen my place. In the words of Xtina? Dirrrrrrrty.

Confused? Oh so very confused. Blogger? Yeah, I can’t seem to figure this and that out. Comments aren't commenting. Posts aren't posting. Screw it I say; I’ll leave it as is!

Focusing skills? NONE. Who am I kidding, I can’t even finish this entry because I’ve seriously got to get my ass into gear and phone my dad.

[Edited to Add]

Okay, Blogger, it's just you and I. Let's fight it out and start working together. You see all that text above? Yeah, that was supposed to be posted LAST NIGHT. Currently, it's the NEXT DAY and you are not showing. To make matters worse... it's St. Patrick's Day. WHERE IS MY GREEN?! NON-EXISTENT.

Thank God it's Friday.



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