Friday, April 07, 2006

Things I'm Learning/Realizing:

Thong lines are worse than panty lines. The reasoning behind this: Think about it for a second. You see someone (preferably a female) walking down the street wearing a nice pair of pants and lone behold you see The Thong Line. For myself, I’m thinking SKANK. teehee. You just know she’s slutting it up (not necessarily a bad thing). My piece of advice? Don’t do what I once did (read: wear slender pants with a thong and try to conceal The Thong Line by strategically placing the rear along various, large objects). I suggest wearing regular panties (not granny), purchasing a nice selection of g-strings, or going commando if you’re into that scene.

You know Kip in Napoleon Dynamite? Aaron Ruell? Hot. My God. From Kip – ew – to Aaron – YUM. Why was I not informed of his real life hotness? I think I may have creamed my panties… Is all this so wrong of me?

I can't get enough of those two photos of Aaron... the two of Kip can go...

The longer I look at a faux-hawk the more I wonder whether or not this person was being chased by an oversized squishing machine. While being chased, by this oversized squishing machine, said person was too quick on his or her feet and the only thing the machine got (squish) was their hair. Hence, the faux-hawk. It could be possible…



Said Person: AAARAaaarrghhh!

Said Person: *pats head*

Said Person: Phew. Escaped in time and all the machine got was my hair. *checks self in mirror*

Said Person: OH! Look at my hair! It’s like, a mohawk, only not! It shall be dubbed The Faux-Hawk! Cause, like, I’m cool like that.

Ahem. Right.

/me currently rolling her eyes counter-clockwise.



Blogger jo said...

You're right about Kip, what a hottie! It is kinda funny about assuming someone who shows their thong is skankin it up. You know we've all thought about it:)

4:01 p.m.  
Blogger AJ said...

"You know we've all thought about it" It's so true! Every now and then I get paranoid and I check my ass out in mirrors to make sure I don't fall into the Skankin It Up category (although some days I don't care so much).

2:41 p.m.  
Blogger Nick said...

I'm so much hotter than Kip. Flippin' idiot...

6:52 p.m.  

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