Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pathetic Love - Steve - Part 2

To read Part 1, click here.

With Jason (#1) out of the way, I was ready to make room for Steve.

He.was.so.fucking.hot. Not too sure if I could describe him any other way. He and I started off as friends when I was 17 years old and he was 20. I remember the exact moment we first met, what was said and where we went. He made my heart melt. He was incredibly charming and intelligent to boot. At this point he and his friends owned their own successful business and were later published in a well known Canadian Business magazine (heehee… I still look and read the article occasionally).

His 21st birthday had come and gone and next up was my birthday… the big one-eight. I had invited Steve out with my friends and I to celebrate and it was that night (I admit, we rushing to get away from everyone) we hooked up. If you know what I mean. *wink wink* * nudge nudge*

Being with Steve was probably the most fun I had with anyone. He had friends who were DJ’s, which meant there were constant parties (and where there is one hot guy more are sure to follow).

He wasn’t particularly romantic (like getting me chocolates only to realize, gee! she's allergic to chocolate), but he had his own way of showing me how he cared.

There was one time I recall calling him while he was working. I mentioned, casually, that I was hunting down this good looking guy I saw. He’s all, “Hm. Oh yeah.” I’m all, “mmHmmm.” I then asked him to come down and meet me. The second I saw him walking towards me, I took out a piece of paper that had my phone number on it, slipped it in his pocket, whispered for him to call me and walked away. Later on, after he was off work, he calls me to tell me that some girl tried to pick him up. Then he proceeds to go on and on about her. “Oh, she was hot! I think I may try to get with her.”

Steve was also the first person to try and stop my pyromaniac addition. Well, he didn’t really try to stop me… but he’d take all lighters, matches, flammable products with him into the bathroom whenever he’d shower. Apparently he didn’t want to get out of the shower to find his place in flames with me in the middle with a satanic grin on my face…

Things between us were fun. Not great, not wonderful, but fun. At some point in our relationship, something went horribly wrong. I won’t say, but basically it changed the way we were with each other. There was sadness, anger, distrust and a whole lot of regret. We did manage stay together for a few months after all these emotions were brought in, but I always felt saddened knowing that in the end it wasn’t going to work out. To this day, he and I still look back and wonder what things would be like if certain events didn’t take place…

I am currently 23 years old and Steve is 26 years old. He still remains to be the only ex-boyfriend I see and talk to. Regardless of what happened between us, we are still there for each other when times are rough or when things are good. I will forever love him dearly.

The memories of late night to early morning parties, $2 doubles on Tuesdays, late night calls to the police because of psychos’ chasing us, bonfires with explosions and beer, his jealousy if another male looked at me, and the way he made me melt when he looked into my eyes will always be there in my fond memories of when we were together.

As things were coming to a close between Steve and I, I had become friends with a guy named Jason (#2 aka J). This would be the beginning of the end for me. Up next, Jason (#2 aka J) Part 3.



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