Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pathetic Love – Jason #2 (aka J) – Part 3

To read up on Part 1 and 2, please click here and here.

While Steve and I remained to be friends, I had my sights set on Jason #2 (aka J).

There was no way anyone couldn’t notice him. This man was 6’11”. No… I am serious, you read that correctly.

He and I met at a keg party and I admit, when I first met him I wondered to myself, “Hmm… large hands… large feet… super tall… the rest of him *ahem* must be quite in proportion too!” I found out the next day, from Jason himself that he really liked me. Naturally, this got me all excited.

Time went on and there was a party he and I were attending. Jason and I got extremely drunk and it was at this party he told me he loved me. You may be thinking… “Wait a second… how long have you two known each other to have him tell you that he loves you?!” The answer to that: maybe a month in total (most of that time was either when Steve and I were dating or ending the relationship). I found out later in our relationship that he only told me that he loved me because he wanted to have sex with me. Well it worked.

When we started dating, everything was wonderful. After about a couple months things started to turn to shit. We were arguing all the time about the stupidest things and it was non-stop. Finally, he had decided to call a break.

“Oh, it’ll only be about a week…” He said.

It wasn’t a week. So I said fuck it and enjoyed the company of a friend of mine.

Finally Jason wanted to get back together and so we did. When I look back on this, I really should have said screw you and good-bye, but I didn’t.

More time went by and we were back where we started… arguing about nothing.

And again, another “break” occurred. This time I wasn’t going to waste my time waiting around.

I had met Simon and what a guy I tell you! He was French and charming. All the ladies loved him and I was the lucky gal he wanted. Now for my dirty little secret… my biggest reason for dating him was because he looked like Justin Timberlake minus the curly hair…

I’m sorry, but I do have a strong love for Justin Timberlake! Ack. It’s bad, I know.

Simon and I had officially dated for approximately two weeks when Jason was ready to commit to the relationship again. By this time, things were already going stagnant between Simon and me so we had ended things on good terms.

I know what you’re all thinking, “What the g’damn fuck is wrong with you woman?? Can’t you see what you’re getting yourself into?!” Don’t worry, I did see it, but I still went for it. Jason was the one guy I truly loved and even through the arguing, he still made me the happiest I could ever be.

Jason and I started to date again.

And guess what! You’re right! It was back to how it was with all the arguing. Before you know it, Jason was being dishonest in the relationship and caused it all to go to hell.

After about a year and eight months of being together, he finally ended the relationship for good and there I was heartbroken and feeling rather stupid.

But my feeling of stupidity didn’t last too long. Up next the devil himself, a story of a male named Chad which will prove to be my Pathetic Love Part 4.



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