Friday, May 05, 2006

Time Controls Us

Oh my effin… Am I seeing this correctly? The last time I updated was Monday? Geezus…

Things have been fairly hectic lately. I’ve been ploughing away with cleaning my place up, trashing all of Jason’s things that he has left behind and things he has given me. All in all, I threw out 4 large garbage bags full of crap. I managed to move things around so that the place doesn’t look as empty (e.g. moving my guitars and amp to where his desk used to be). Aside from cleaning, work also has been busy. The end of the month is what kills me… that and top it off with all the projects I haven’t been able to focus on, its been quite a mess.

Oh, and we can’t forget how much of my time is taken up by hockey!

Folks, I am so ecstatic to say that my team is moving on to the second round! Rock the fuck on, Edmonton Oilers. I have also managed to make a few new enemies (read: all the Calgary Flames fans at the pub). For those who are keeping up with the hockey games, Calgary LOST in game 7.


*insert massive maniacal laughter from Hell*

As mentioned before, I am probably the only person in Alberta that was NOT hoping for a Battle of Alberta. I’m not ashamed to admit that yes! I am still angry and bitter regarding the hockey season prior to the lockout. I’m completely and utterly outnumbered by Flame fans and I was the centre of mockery when my team did not get as far as that lame team they call the Flames.


Sunday, May 7, Game 1, Oilers vs. Sharks. I am so there in the blue.

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