Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Live Blogging


I am TOTALLY blogging this... LIVE!!!!!!!!!


I believe I may have creamed my panties.

My hands, they are shaking.


Okay, I've calmed down. CALMED DOWN.

So here I am, watching American Idol (I couldn't help it!) and lone behold Chris Daughtry comes on stage to perform with Live! And honestly? Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessively in loooooooove with Live (perhaps just Ed... but that's another story).

Alright, the performance is done and I couldn't be any happier. Now if you'll excuse me, before I write a real post, I must change my panties.

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Blogger Alex said...

My buddies saw Live here in Boston last week. They had an extra ticket and asked me to go, but a) I'm not a huge fan...I only know the stuff from Throwing Copper and b) I had to get to the taekwondo school I go to because I'm testing for my blackbelt next month and need to step that up. Wish I knew you were a Live fan; you could've had the ticket, flown into Boston for the show, and made it back to Calgary in time for work the next day. Definitely doable.

10:34 a.m.  
Blogger AJ said...

I am seething with jealousy. I've seen Live three times and one of those times I paid $70 CAD to see them perform. The price was outrageous and the concert wasn't even for them. Live was the opening band for band that I dislike. So I paid the cover price, saw Live perform for 45 minutes and took off right after. Well worth it, but this is coming from a person who would pay an obscene amount of money to see them.

10:55 a.m.  
Blogger Alex said...

$70 CAD...that's proabably what...$55 USD? Forgive my ignorance of currency exchange. I think the tickets my friend had were in the $40-$45 USD range.

I know exactly what you mean about willing to pay, though: I'm paying $45 to see Dweezil Zappa play his father's hits, and I payed $125 to see the first Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway; Johnny Damon's return to Boston since signing with New York. But I balked at paying $180 to seel Tool at the Orpheum. And kind of regret it, to tell you the truth!

12:02 p.m.  

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