Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cheap Treat?

I think it’s fairly clear that I’m in a slump. I feel the need to treat myself to something.

I want to get dolled up and go out. I’m tired of the same old jeans and t-shirts. This seems like it’d be such a simple task, but I don’t feel like being the person who is all dressed up with no where to go and the person I’d like to get all fancy with is not a fancy person at all (aka the Future Mister).

I’ve thought about maybe dying my hair and getting a nice hairstyle, but hair colouring is expensive and I wouldn’t know what sort of hairstyle would look good for me.

I’ve thought about going on a small shopping spree. Then I remembered that, too, involves money and God only knows I hate shopping for clothes.

A spa visit would be nice, but damn those cost quite a bit of money.

Money seems to be a huge issue for me. Not only do I not like the idea of spending money on myself, but money is tight when you have a mortgage, bills and a wedding to save for.

I do have a tattoo gift certificate that will treat me nicely, but I’ll still have to wait months until I can actually get an appointment.

If only treating myself were cheaper.



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