Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello World!

Hi! I’m Leiland. I’m the devil in disguise!

I give you stink eye!

I’m a cute hamster! I’ve heard the man human call me a rodent numerous times, but ignore his gibberish.

My hobbies include sleeping, eating, peeing and flinging my poo at the humans. I’m real good at it. I’ve hit the human targets many times. This displeases them.

Lately I’ve been gnawing on the cage, mostly on the wires where the humans release me. Dungeon door is what I make of it. The she human has been eyeing me and my dungeon gnawing. I’m fairly certain she does not approve because she keeps filling my living quarters with flavoured sticks for me to chew on. If only she human could get it through her head that this will only shut me up for mere minutes before I’m back to the dungeon wires.

You feed me KRYPTONITE?!

A couple nights ago, I almost broke free. The force of my gnawing must have rattled the dungeon doors and it flung open. As I started to step out, I heard the man human bellow to the she human. Before I knew it, she human was ranting and raving.

Back in the dungeon I went. The humans looked very sleepy. This pleases me for the noise of the dungeon door must have startled them out of their slumber. The humans have placed tiny wires around my vicinity doorway. I hear twist-ties come out of the human’s mouth.


I’ll continue to gnaw. And cause chaos in the human’s lives. I’ll continue to plot against them. And plan for my escape. YOU HUMANS WILL NOT STOP ME. RAWR.

Death to you man human!

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