Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Seizure Induced

Are you all prepared for a seizure? ‘Cause I know I am. Apologies for the loads of crap posts lately; it has been ultra crazy at work and the lack of sleep has been worse than usual. I’ve got plenty to write about but I’m finding that I’m only able to squeeze in a few minutes to reflect on what has happened the last few days. So until things start slowing down, I’m going to have to keep throwing out more brief posts. I know. I know. It’s pathetic.

July 1:
Oh, Canada Day! I must say, this Canada Day definitely ranked somewhere in my personal top 3.

(Okay, it has taken me 13 minutes just to type all this out. I have revised this -/me stares intently at document- addendum three times now. No more.)

The weather was perfect but I must have gotten at least 10 mosquitoes’ bites. First the gentleman and I went down to the city park where there was a Canada Celebration going on. We ended up watching a magician do his thing when he asked the crowd a particular question, ended up pulling the gentleman up to his “stage” and proceeded to do a magic trick involving the gentleman himself. I sat there watching, in all my glory, laughing hysterically like there were no tomorrow.

After the park, went back to his place, drank 3 litres of champagne between the two of us, packed a thermos with more champagne, grabbed a blanket and headed down to watch the fireworks. We then sat ourselves down and watched the fireworks, with the most perfect view, drinking “7-Up” from the thermos.

July 2:
Did he say what I think he said? I’m sure I heard wrong. Otherwise, someone is sending mixed signals and needs to get their antenna fixed.

Played a hell of a lot of bass that evening. After playing the bass so much lately, and then picking up a guitar, the guitar really does look and feel like a toy. Not that it is a toy… but… it’s just so much smaller? If that made any sense.

July 3:
Finally went out with my family to celebrate my sister’s birthday. She’s been working a lot lately. First, though, we hit the mall. I regret it. Sort of. The regret comes from buying two pairs of shoes. TWO. What.The.HELL. Me. Of all people. Allow me to explain. I’m not the stereotypical female when it comes to shoes. My idea of awesome accessorizing is all about the belt. I’ve got plenty. I try to avoid being like my sister who has maybe 20 damn pairs of shoes that are just black. WHY?! I do not understand this! I own a pair of DCs, Globes (I love them too much to throw out… even though there is a massive hole in the bottom), Converse, a pair of cherry designed flip-flops, an adorable pair of ballerina flats, a pair of HOTT black heels, two pairs of work shoes and my skank boots. After yesterday? Add a pair of really adorable, irresistible, heel-type-thingies with a ribbon that ties around the ankle and a pair of sandals that, I guess, I could have done without… UGH.

Oh, I also found out that liquid foundation will not, I repeat: WILL NOT, cover up a tattoo. I guess I won’t be wearing a skirt to work any time soon. UGHx2.

AND! After nearly a year, my sister is finally starting to pay back the money she borrowed from me for her trip. It’s a sickening amount that she borrowed. Let’s just say it’s in the thousands. THOUSANDS.

July 4:
Forty-nine minutes later, I’m finally wrapping this up.

Went to get coffee this morning and saw packets of Sweet N’ Low. I must have been traumatized from that one time because as soon as I saw the packets I got a horrible flashback and could taste the horridness in my mouth.

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