Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Note to Self: Re: Sweet N' Low

Note to Self: Do NOT use Sweet N’ Low in your coffee anymore. Do NOT be tempted by the ‘low calorie’ sugar. It does not taste good. Possibly, next time, attempt one packet rather than two. The package did not lie when it said that one packet of Sweet N’ Low equals two packets of regular sugar. OH GROSS. Stop trying to drink it! STOP TRYING TO DRINK THE COFFEE GET A NEW ONE. Lesson learned.



Blogger Punk Angel said...

I DID THE EXAM SAME THING!! I went out for breakfast like two weeks ago and tried it in my tea, wasn't bad. So then I got some and decided "Hey, if one is good... what about two?" And now I can't drink it anymore cause it's utterly disgusting!! HA HA HA! I'm not alone!! WOOT!

3:47 p.m.  
Anonymous dawn said...

oh yes I agree - I hate artificial sweeteners. 1 teaspoon of sugar is only 10 calories.

7:18 p.m.  
Blogger AJ said...

Punk Angel - Good to know that I'm not the only person that pulled off a ridiculous stunt! Just think, if there are two of us that have done it chances are there are more! A clan shall be started! HAH.

Dawn - After the Sweet N' Low incident, I too do not like artificial sweeteners. I think I'll risk the 10 or so calories than go through bad coffee again.

10:28 a.m.  

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