Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Queen of Incoherency

Because I’m having a hard time focusing, and putting words into proper sentences and paragraphs, I will continue with this post in point form. I can guarantee that it will not make much sense.

~ Rain. Mother Nature, make it stop. I’ve got shorts and flip-flops waiting to be worn. I’ve got a skateboard sitting in the storage closet. I’M TIRED OF STARING AT THE GROUND TO AVOID STEPPING ON REPULSIVE WORMS, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. It makes my neck sore.

~ I’m hoping that the sharp, stabbing pains in my head is nothing. They’ve come and gone for a few years now. Lately I’ve had a fainting feeling every time I walk around. I wonder if this is, possibly, related to my caffeinated coffee use throughout the day. Sadly I need a cup of coffee right now.

~ I’m tired. I’m very, very sleepy. And my head hurts.

~ My workplace is a zoo right now. Not literally, but it is scary out there. We’re currently hosting our second largest event with an expected attendance of 15,000 to 20,000 PER DAY. Sure it’s only for three days, but seriously, I’m already starting to develop a twitch.

~ I used to do fine in large crowds. I’m not doing so fine now, for some reason. With all these cars… and people… ACK. My teeth start to grind, my fists are clenched, and my eyes dart left to right like a bullet. I’ve become jumpy.

~ In less than a month we will be hosting our largest event. There is a minimum estimated attendance of 1,100,000. Every year that figure is surpassed. That figure is then divided by 10 for the 10 days it takes place. That’s a minimum of 110,000 per day. I need to quickly fix this jumpiness.

~ I went grocery shopping yesterday and my sister came along. Note to Self: Never go grocery shopping again with your sister. This woman, who turns 22 in less than two weeks, climbed into the shopping cart and refused to get out. She then proceeded to try to grab everything in her path. My body is sore from trying to push the cart. What the hell.

~ I have found the solution of getting over an ex-significant other and totally forgetting that on Sunday it was two months that the fucker left. Solution: Fume silently at new partner. No wait, strike that. New significant other. No, strike that. I’ll figure out the term when I know what is going on.

~ I may have over-reacted and resorted to spite. I need to fix this problem.

~ Haha. Get this. I’m sick, AGAIN.

~ Friends tell me to take Cold FX. Apparently it’s a miracle worker. I bought a small bottle. Geezus, that shit is expensive. I better get my money’s worth.

~ Mr. Don Cherry supposedly takes Cold FX and swears by it. But, do I believe him? I am NOT a fan of Mr. Cherry. He makes me twitch. Also? Toasted does NOT taste better.

~ Rumour has it, there is a small patch of sunlight coming through the clouds. I don’t believe it’ll last long. But I hope it does.

~ I watched Brokeback Mountain with my sister last night. I cried at the end. Crying at the end of sappy, romantic movies is not unusual for me. I keep a box of Kleenex close by for that reason.

~ I need coffee.

~ Apologies for this being incoherent.



Anonymous dawn said...

Yes that movie was rather touching wasn't it? I watched it twice and enjoyed it more the second time.

10:24 p.m.  
Blogger AJ said...

The movie was extremely touching! Due to my sister constantly distracting me during the movie, I am going to have to watch it a second time so that I can pick up on any parts I missed.

11:14 a.m.  

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