Friday, June 09, 2006

A Day Like Today (Yesterday?)

I can’t believe I’m going to waste a post on this, but I am going through p.a.n.i.c. mode.

It is raining. It has been raining all day. Why would this bother me? Of course I’m going to tell you.

Last year, possibly about this same time, we had rain. And not just a little bit of rain, I’m talking a massive down pour for about two weeks straight. This caused a colossal flooding of the river. This river then proceeded to flood various buildings of my workplace and flooded basements, parking lots, etc. two blocks from where I used to live. The worst part? The rain completely flooded the park that Jamie and I frequent when we want to take an easy ride on the skateboard. The pathways were submerged in disgusting, dirty water and the park benches could only been seen by their very tops. After the flood, the pathways were closed off for quite some time because of the damage and because of the length of time it took for the water level to go down. All in all, it destroyed my skateboarding routine in the spring.

And that’s not all! The worms. The disgusting, slimy, squishy worms. Once the rain starts, they all come crawling out of their filthy holes in the ground and take over the sidewalks and roads. It freaks me out to be honest. It really, really does. Gah.

Then there are the wet socks and shoes. Even though it has only rained for a day, by my work and downtown the sidewalks and roads are already piling up with huge puddles of murky water. It is a task to be able to plan each step strategically to somehow avoid these puddles. Unfortunately for me, I was unable to plan each step that quickly and am currently warming my very wet, cold feet.

Oh, and the smell. OH THE SMELL. It is especially horrid when you’re trapped with soaking wet people on a train and all you can smell is the scent of wet people - or also known as the scent of an icky, wet dog.

-15 minutes later after putting the laundry in the dryer-

Hrm. There was something else I was going to write about. I have completely forgotten what it was. It was good too.

OOH! I remember. Haha.

Now that I think about it, it really isn’t that good.

I finished a contract at work for a movie shoot that will be taking place at my place of employment. It will actually have real famous people. I realize that this all sounds fairly ridiculous, but up here in Calgary we don’t get many famous folks dropping by. I have devised a scheme to enter the shoot and steal their clothes. My idea was then followed with a typical comment on how eccentric I am (believe me, if you heard my idea you’d understand why eccentric is fitting).

I have until June 21 to put my plan into action. I will prevail.

Added Note: Okay, technically this post was meant for yesterday but due to circumstances that could not be helped (aka Blogger being down) it is being posted today.

P.S. I had a couple of photos that I was going to add to this, but apparently Sir Blogger won't allow that either. Photos to be added whenever I am allowed to add them.



Blogger Alex said...

Good luck with the clothes-stealing. There was a movie being filmed here in Boston a while ago, with Jack Nicholson and Matt Damon, among others, but I just saw the film crew's vehicles and no celebs, so alas, no clothes were filched in the making of whatever movie they were filming.

A lot of movies are filmed in Canada because it's a lot cheaper than California. Seriously, that's saying a LOT about the taxes they have to pay there if Canada is cheaper. Canada also gives tax breaks to film companies because your country understands the age-old axiom that, if you allow people to keep more of what they earn, they'll do business in your country more often and generate more revenue. So good for Calgary! What movie is being filmed?

About the rain, I agree 100 percent. Only yesterday did the month-long rainy season leave New England, and I think it's only a temporary respite. This blows. There have already been two awful floods all across New England, with New Hampshire and Massachusetts really getting slammed. Forget about skateboarding; you'd need a boat!

Speaking of skating, they're building a skate park along the Charles River here. When it's done, I want to check it out. I haven't been on my deck in about two years, so I'll probably kill myself, but oh well.

Wow, long post. Just glad to hear that you're doing well AJ!

4:17 p.m.  
Blogger AJ said...

Alex, the movie that is being filmed is Resurrecting the Champ. From what I've checked out on a website, it's supposed to have Samuel L. Jackson, Josh Hartnett, etc. I'm not too sure which actors are going to be in the vicinity when the filming is going on and I doubt I'll be able to break through the barricades, but I sure as hell am gonna try!

That's terrible about the floods happening down there. Floods, bah! I despise. Every year the farmers, up here, are always complaining about not having enough rain... well, last year they sure got rain and it destroyed the crops. You're right; I should invest in a boat.

Calgary has a skate park but surprisingly I have never gone. I suggest you take a nice, enjoyable skate-stroll before attempting anything wild in the future-to-be skate park. That way you won't kill yourself the second you're there!

9:09 a.m.  
Blogger Alex said...

Hah, yeah good call. I don't want to try some grinds and end up grinding my face against the pavement. Nothing too gnarly, thank you very much.

To tell you the truth, as I start trying more and more to take the whole music thing to the next level, I'm wicked nervous about hurting my wrist. I wrote about how I did that once in college, while skateboarding, somewhere on my blog. It was not fun, and is not anything I really want to do again....

10:55 a.m.  

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