Thursday, May 25, 2006

Slowly Being Drained

I’m not feeling up to par today. I’m so exhausted and still sick as hell.

My dad called me at work today to see how things are going for me, whether or not I’m feeling better. I simply told him no. After telling my pops what symptoms I’m feeling he proceeds to tell me that it sounds more like a flu virus than a cold.

Great. < /sarcasm>

Part of the reason why I’m feeling so lousy, aside from the cold/flu/whichever, is that I am being completely drained by the NHL playoffs. I am not kidding when I say that it is extremely difficult and tiring being a hardcore fan.

Since April 21, I have watched every Oiler game religiously. By doing so, this has caused me to lose many hours of sleep. It is also exhausting when you’re not a superstitious person but suddenly you are. For myself, I am not a superstitious person. I believe in one superstition and that is “knocking on wood three times”. That’s as far as it goes for me. During the playoffs, though, and every year in the past that I can remember, I turn into a psychotic irrational freak. Each playoff and occasionally during the regular season, I find myself coming up with new superstitions.

So far this playoff run, this is what I have come up with:

1. For a few games, at the beginning of the playoffs, my sister and I noticed that the Oilers would always score a goal shortly after we spoke with each other on the phone. When the game was on and either one of us felt like ohmygod! the Oilers may get this damn puck in the net! we would call each other up and BAM! Just like that, they’d score. This superstition was short lived due to one particular game where we tried this trick and instead of the Oilers scoring, the opposing team would score.

2. Having my MSN left on during the game and having a specific nickname and specific picture display. On game day, I am henceforth known as ‘GO OILERS GO!’ and my display picture is the one of me in my favourite Oilers’ shirt. If this routine is not done, I fear for the worst.

3. Oh, and if I miss a game and they lose? I will fully hold myself responsible and beat myself senseless. If I watch a game and they lose? I will curse the Lucky Panties and stop wearing them.

4. Ah yes, the Lucky Panties. I had worn my Lucky Panties during the Anaheim and Calgary game and it was the game that the Flames lost and were officially out of the playoffs. However many days later, I happened to be wearing the same Panties during an Oiler game. It was at that point that the Edmonton Oilers started their winning streak. Since that point, I have worn my Lucky Panties for every game. This brings me to the exhausting portion of being a hardcore, superstitious freak. Because I am sooo not disgusting, I make sure the Lucky Panties are washed before each game. Since each game is every second day, this requires a hell of a lot of washing. I either find myself scrounging for laundry to do an entire load or I’m washing the Panties by hand.

5. After I get home from watching the game, I must then change my MSN nickname from ‘GO OILERS GO!’ to ‘Thank YOU, Lucky Panties!!!’ (with the exact number of exclamation marks). This here must be done because heaven forbid the Panties are not thanked and clearly appreciated.

6. Lastly, I firmly believe I have to have numerous beers during the game or else it’ll bring bad luck. And yes, I am totally serious about this one.

As I was finishing up the phone call with my dad, he told me to be sure that I get plenty of fluids to aid the “flu” and that NO, beer does NOT count as a fluid.

I’m almost certain he was shaking his head on the other line as I told him that it would be a curse if I failed to drink tonight.

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