Monday, September 11, 2006

Back in Black

A few nights ago, I received a text message on my cell phone that read “Angie u suck”. When I checked to see who sent it I was beyond puzzled. The phone number was no where in my cell phone so the message did not display the name of the person. Here I’m thinking: Well, this person obviously knows me; they even think I suck! Hah! I decided to text back “who dis”, but since the original message was sent half an hour ago, I wasn’t sure if the person would still be awake to see it (this is about 11 p.m.). As I was trying to figure out which drunken day it was that I may have given my phone number out to some random guy, I transformed into the Super Sleuth and phoned the mystery number from my home phone.

The person on the other end was an old friend from high school/past co-worker. She and I used to hang out all the time with other mutual friends of ours but over time we drifted apart. I forgot that I saw her about half a year ago and had given her my phone number.

We made plans to hang out last night at a pub we used to go to six years ago.

It sucked.

I’m sorry, but it did.

I forgot how scuzzy it was and how drunk I had to be to enjoy that place. And it certainly did not help that I’m a shy person and the conversation coming out of me amongst the strangers was very minimal.



I found out that my friend’s fiancé was an Edmonton Oiler fan! Huge Oiler fan!

He and I spent a large portion of the evening chatting about the team, the stats, the upcoming season and all the delicious hockey gossip that we heard or read of. It was great being able to talk about the Oilers with another fanatic other than my own family.

Which brings me to this: Folks, prepare yourself. In a week’s time, the NHL pre-season begins. That means it’s time for me to bring out the Oiler gear and start planning my schedule around the Edmonton hockey games.


I have waited for this moment ever since the 2005-2006 season ended. Finally! My hockey withdrawal will end.



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